“Always a fresh, healthy and natural breakfast.

In the same time as you wait for your coffee.”

the Eggcheff®


The Eggcheff Cooker brings the cooking time of an egg from twelve minutes down to one! You can choose for a fresh, perfectly soft, medium or hard-boiled egg, by just clicking one button! The patented device uses a hybrid technique that is especially developed to cook the perfect egg for you!

Why the Eggcheff Cooker?

Cooks your egg
in a minute

Perfectly soft,
medium or hard

No employee

Ventless, no
cooking hood

Most energy

No more

The Eggcheff does it in a minute!
Soft, medium and hard boiled

Perfect as a healthy breakfast or snack on the go.

Watch here the battle between Oneminute Egg and Justin Egg (Just an egg)!

the Eggcheff®


The Eggcheff Scrambled can prepare freshly made scrambled eggs in a minute, adds a spoon to the cup automatically, stirs and cooks the scrambled eggs until perfection. You can add real fresh items such as tomato and onion, without losing time. This is all due to our patented cooking technique that is optimized for preparation of perfectly fluffy, fresh scrambled eggs.

Why the Eggcheff Scrambled?

Scrambled eggs
in a minute

Real chunks of
eggs, like if it
was chef-made

Can cook additional
ingredients: tomato,
bacon, mushroom

No employee

Prepared and
served in a

adds a fork to
eat instantly

No more

Ventless, no
cooking hood

The Eggcheff Scrambled cooks your
personalized fresh
scrambled eggs!

A healthy natural breakfast or snack in a minute.

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Our markets


Pays for itself in a year thanks to the avoided waste.

Coffee shops

Gives you the opportunity to serve a super- fast fresh breakfast instead of processed food. In the same time as you wait for your coffee. 

To-go retailers

A healthy snack to go, no employee needed.

In the same time as you wait for your coffee!

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